Steep Experts Only









From the bottom of "Broadway," hang a left into the trees to access "Aeroble," a 440 vertical foot experts only run in the Olympic Bowl area of Aspen Highlands.

This run begins in tight trees right off the access point.

As you navigate the glade, the moguls dispersed throughout will also provide challenges.

As you continue down, navigating as best you can, fews of the Maroon Bells and Pyramid Peak will descend upon you.

These 14,000 foot peaks may serve to distract you from your initial task at hand, so stop to enjoy them.

Then continue down.

As you continue through the trees, which can be thin and hide objects just underneath the snow, keep a watchful eye for the opening at the bottom to enjoy some easier, more wide open turns before hitting the cat track.

This tree run can be great if timed right with new snow, or difficult depending on winds and warm weather.