A Fun and steep freeride .









Located at Kleenex Corner on the lower portion of Aspen Mountain, Niagara is short, but very sweet.

Enjoy steep moguls, small jumps built by locals and interesting freeride natural features.

The steepest lines start on far skier's right of the group of trees and rocks directly at the corner of Kleenex Corner.

A series of signs will point you in the correct direction and, depending on snow conditions because this run has a lower elevation, beware of rocks throughout the upper portions of the far right lines.

These lines offer great steep fall line and fast off-piste skiing straight down to the bottom of the old Bell Chair.

Skier's left lines range between a variety of bump lines, to more playful and airy sections that culminate in several different natural jumps that take you back into Upper Little Nell.

Hang around this section for a few minutes and you'll surely see a local ripping this playful run.