A steep rocky technical area.


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To access this run, hike for around ten minutes from the top of High Alpine Chair or do a long traverse from The Cirque.

Most people refer to this area simply as 'The Wall.' Wall One is just skier's right of Roberto's.

This is area is rarely open because it needs a lot of snow to cover the many rocks.

The most frequent way down this area is a very steep chute just skier's right of the tree island below you.

Be sure to stay to the right of the tree island called Two Trees.

Below Two Trees is a mandatory forty foot cliff to a flat landing.

The most common way down The Wall is via Wall Two.

This area is skier's right of Wall One.

It tends to be rocky early season.

If the mountain has below average snow then expect to ski over some rocks.

It's a wide open chute but can be very narrow due to rocks.