The biggest alpine bowl at the resort, accessed by a short hike, is a must-do for the expert skier.


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Powder Assault, the run, includes the big bowl off the summit ridge of the resort, and goes all the way to Baxter's creek.

The top section can only be accessed by hiking 125 nearly straight up metres to the sub-peak, starting just right of the Stoke Chair unload, or by taking Drop In over to the edge of the bowl and traversing to the lower 2/3.

During storm cycles, the sub-peak is often last to open or, in some instances and especially when visibility is poor, does not open at all.

Once at the sub-peak, put your sliding device(s) on at the radio tower, and ski the ridge heading SE towards the big north-facing bowl.

There are 5 openings in the rope fence from the sub-peak to the area boundary, but only #2 - 4 are actually Powder Assault the trail.

The bowl can be accessed via opening #1, which is actually Discipline (see description), but this requires an immediate traverse skier's right, with significant fall hazard below, until you are under opening #2.

Openings #2 - 4, known as Gates #1 - 3, may require side-stepping or even a small air to enter the bowl.

With good light and fresh snow, this run is one of the most aesthetic on the mountain, and allows options halfway down; North Bowl, lower Powder Assault and Greely Bowl can all be accessed.

While only a few hundred metres long to the end of the first bowl,it is a challenging and steep endeavour.

Although the lines immediately below the rope gates are straightforward and without hazard, beware of traversing over rocky patches between the fall-line runs, and watch out for ever-present avalanche debris from explosives control.

In bad light this part of the run can be extremely challenging.

Once over the first big roll you cross the Greely Traverse, well worn and just below the big rock bands.

Continue down following the natural drainage, past Three Bears on the left and the Spanish Chutes on the right.

Finally a tight pinch in the creek and a last, fun boulder field lead to a cat track and the entrance to Baxter's.