A blue-black bump run that is sometimes half-groomed









Bradley’s Bash is a blue/black bump run with a perfect fall line for doing endless bumps.

Usually it is half-and-half: moguls and groomed, with groomed on the left side.

It is groomed twice a week, so sometimes moguls can build up.

This run starts at the top of the Zephyr and merges into Village Way after becoming wider, more gladed and less steep near the end of it.

This trail is less steep than the other bump runs nearby, and a great choice on a pow day.

Don't stop near the end because Bradley's spills out into a flat beginner area that is often congested. Steve Bradley was the first executive director of the Winter Park Recreation Association.

Under his wing, Winter Park became a ski industry leader, and he was inducted into the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame in 1979.

He is famous for inventing the first snow-grooming machine, the “Bradley Packer” – which was towed behind a resort employee on skis.

Bradley designed this trail to go straight down the fall line.