A superb but challenging carving run with a mixture of gradients.


Analysing terrain data








From the top of Albona 2 lift turn right heading back towards Stuben.

This first section is steep and is quite often in the shade- and so can be prone to ice.

As with most runs on the north face of Albona they can feel very cold.

After this steep section the run turns left and levels out with a slight off camber, however this is a great chance to open out your turns and enjoy some good carving.

This can be continued into the next section where the run bears right again in the direction of Stuben.

The run here varies in gradient with a couple of rollers- an opportunity to practice different turn shapes and turn sizes.

The final section, the tree-line, is a cat track towards the middle station; be sure to reduce your speed before the start of the cat track as it is a sharp right hand turn followed by more sharp turns which finally opens out at the restaurant.