Long cruisy run through the burnt forest of the Crystal Zone









Rock 'N' Roll is one of the choices available for groomed and intermediate runs in the Crystal zone.

These runs are all similar in nature (Ridge Runner, Twist N Shout, Backstage Pass) as they are all longer in length compared to other groomers around the mountain and run beside the burnt forest in the Crystal zone, a very unique zone in comparison.

Rock 'N' Roll is usually groomed, however may feature occasional moguls.

This run is quite wide and is therefore usually free from crowds.

It is also rarely icy as it receives its fair share of sun, not as much as runs in the Catskinner and Solar Coaster zones but the runs here are not shaded and therefore hard packed.

If you have enjoyed the length and steepness of other cruiser runs around Blackcomb then this one will be a hit as well!