Steep line under the Glacier Express Chair









Dakine is a line that can be found off of the Crystal Traverse.

Head up the Glacier Express chairlift, and make a left at the top, following the blue markers along the road.

You will encounter signage leading you to Dakine, a line that takes you skier's left of the giant Haole rock.

You can scope the line via the chair as it will be located to the right of Haole rock when viewed from above.

The line itself is tight and decently steep, but it is one of the best in the zone.

You'll be wishing it was longer! Great snow can be found here, and it is one of the first places to get tracked on a powder day.

If that lucky person happens to be you - make it look good! This line runs under the chairlift and everyone will get to admire your tracks and wish they were theirs! This run drops you off at Blue Line, where you can head back down to the Glacier Creek and hop back up on the Glacier Express.