A steep descent on the sunny side of Cristallo, more challenging than the classic Forcella Padeon. Recommended for experienced skiers only as it requires good timing, alpine skills and a safe snowpack.


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Unfortunately, the ‘Forcella Staunies’ chairlift shut down in the summer of 2016, so you will need a great deal more effort to enjoy the popular steep lines of the Cristallo mountain range and this can discourage lots of skiers. Take the Son Forca chairlift, then follow the slope to where the old ‘Forcella Staunies’ chairlift was.

Put your skins on and climb up towards the old chairlift’s half way station to Forcella Staunies.

Then look for a wide couloir coming down to the left of the main Forcella Staunies slope.

Climb up this couloir (usually with your skis on your backpack and with crampons on) until you reach Forcella Grande at 2874m after rouhgly 1 hour 45 minutes, then ski down the slope on the north side for 100 metres until you have the chance to traverse to the skier's left, staying high, in order to reach the slope coming down from Forcella Padeon 2750 metres (there is an old wooden barrack on the right, hidden among the rocks).

Skin up the slope to Forcella Padeon, again, attach your skis to your backpack and climb up to the top of Cima Padeon.

You can now ski down the steep and exposed slope towards the narrow steep couloir (you may need a 40m+ rope to drop in).

Keep skiing the narrow steep couloir until you reach the exit.

Traverse across, staying high, to the skier's right in order to reach to the exit of the Forcella Padeon, then put the skins back on and head towards the "Padeon" chairlift, which will take you back to resort.