Wonderful Beginner Run, build your technique and skill, feel like a pro!









This run is what is referred to as a "shot but sweet" run.

It is truly a beginner skier or snowboarders dream.

Its only a few hundred metres long and with the shelter of some light tree cover , the cable-car and the ski school office right in front.

There is a small children's play area where learning the snowports skill can be fun and interactive without so much pressure.

This small run gets sunlight for the majority of the day, lending itself to favourable conditions.

Of course it can let a little choppy with so many people on it, (it can get over croweded during high season) but the lift association take very good care of the piste meaning if you hit it at the right time, you could get your first try of fresh corduroy.

Champoluc doesn't have much in the way of easy peasy runs, but that they do have are very fin indeed.