Quite possibly the steepest run on Aspen Mountain.


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Silver Rush is quite possibly the steepest run on Aspen Mountain.

Accessed at the end of Schiller Road, or just below the top of Lift 1A, the steep headwall is initially intimidating.

Peering over, there are several entrances that can be taken, depending on snow conditions.

Don't expect as much snow as you'd like when you make your first few turns.

The patrollers generally very generously open this run even when it seems there isn't quite enough snow at the top.

Although the first turns are not "airy," you will need to maintain control as you descend with jump turns over a series of grassy, snowy, rocky, patches 300 feet down toward the gentle exit towards Kleenex Corner.

Silver Rush is certainly a rush for any expert skier who enjoys steep skiing and the trill of descending rocky, more extreme terrain that can be accessed from a chairlift.