Ultra steep face located in Whistler Bowl


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West Cirque is a classic line accessed via Upper Peak to Creek with the traverse for Whistler Bowl on your right.

Not terrain to be taken lightly, hike up to the fence line and back towards Whistler Bowl (and away from the permanently closed area and West Bowl).

The top section is extremely narrow as it negotiates between rocks on either side, staying steep all the way down as it opens up into the heart of Whistler Bowl down below.

The top section is very exposed, make sure you are comfortable skiing terrain like this before committing to the intimidatingly tight and narrow drop in.

If it hasn't snowed recently, moguls on Whistler Bowl grow to an extremely large size and become very hard packed.

From here, you can choose to continue down into Whistler Bowl or traverse below the rocks to the West Ridge, which will deposit you in West Bowl.