A lovely long, wide and grippy blue.


Analysing terrain data

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A real favourite.

From the Aup de Veran lift, hang a left straight onto the Méphisto blue; a wide open run inviting big GS and carving turns, almost for its entire length.

The piste crosses back under the bubble with the Traversée Lapiaz track which crosses half way down.

There is a natural lip just after the Lutin red joins from the left and just before the Grand Grenier button lift where it is a good idea to take stock, especially if you're planning to schuss left round the bottom of the button lift to access the Aujon, which has a slight uphill.

Otherwise continue down the Méphisto, now in the trees, slightly narrower and probably 'fuller' until the end links into Jade.

Turn left to head back towards Flaine centre.