A short blue ridge track.


Analysing terrain data

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From the top of the Tête des Saix, L'Airon and Lanche chairlifts, go towards the small Croc Blanche Snack Bar (no toilets) and take a hard left leaving the snack bar to your right in order to join this piste.

If beginning at the start of this piste, from the Corbalanche and Gentianes chairlifts, ensure you take as much of a run up as you can along the ridge track as it is a 'duck walk' or side step to mount the small incline up past the snack bar.

This very gentle, sloping track may need some poling from this point for skis that are not suitably waxed.

It continues only for about a further 300m before being joined from the left, and turning into, the Silice, which continues in similar vein.