A fun sloping blue.


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From the top of the Vielle button or the Sairon chair, turn left and then left immediately again to cross under the Sairon and on to this sloping piste.

Initially a little steep and usually grippy, it is wide enough for you to practise those GS turns.

Just before the left-hand bend there is access to a gulley (off-piste on the left) which provides safe fun for those up to the challenge.

The gulley flattens out back onto the Châlet piste.

Below the gulley entrance the piste is not used much so it's rarely crowded - as many come for the gulley! A right takes you to the Biollaires chair via a wide section with fun to the sides, or straight on, with a final uphill/flat section to pole around in order to get to the Vielle button lift to do it all again!