An open, short and challenging blue.


Analysing terrain data

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A natural procession from the Émeraude where it meets the crossing path of Tanzanite (beware of skiers coming from the left on the slightly blind corner), this blue offers moguls, off-piste to the left and right, and a normally steep, for a blue, and mogully run into the Desert Blanc chair.

Continuing the descent below after the chair take off point, the piste kisses the Serpentine at its widest point and runs in tandem with the Serpentine for a couple of hundred metres.

Now keep right initially to avoid the narrower Turquoise blue which forks left and then take the second left where the Quartz continues to re-join the Turquoise and the top of the green Mélèze advanced beginner's slope.

Finishing up flat and through the trees it re-joins the Turquoise to continue through to Faust - a steep, steep Red.