Steeps to Rodney's Ridge


Analysing terrain data








Take the Summit Platter and exit to the right.

The first gate on your left is Whitehorn 1.

This is an amazing run, that can be paired up with Rodney's Ridge for some true steeps to get the quad's burning.

Once you get in the area, take a survey of the incredible terrain that surrounds you.

This is Canada's second largest resort and all that you see before you has been ridden.

Pretty amazing.

Descend the Whitehorn 1 which meets up neatly with Rodney's Ridge for another Back Diamond pitch.

Continue on to the cat track to meet up with the Paradise Chair and, if you continue further down the Ptarmigan and the Larch Chair.

The Paradise and Ptarmigan Chairs will bring you back to the Front Side, or you can continue to explore the Back Bowls.

Many locals will spend there whole day back here.