Black Diamond Steeps in the back bowls


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If you are looking for something not too steep in the back bowls, check out Little Pipestone.

This run gets it's namesake from Pipestone Ridge, the NW side of Mt.


Ascend the Summit Platter and head left down the Blue Boomerang run and take the first right into Little Pipestone around the bend.

This area is not as steep as it's Double Diamond brothers, but is still a solid Black.

There are some rolls and natural features to explore on the way down.

There is usually some good sun here in the afternoon.

Alberta is the sunniest province in Canada and the Eastern Rockies resorts usually benefit with lots of sun.

Descend and meet up the cat track to meet up the Paradise Chair for seconds or down to the Ptarmigan or Larch Chairs to further explore the backside.

The Ptarmigan also takes you back to the Front Side.