The Devils Thumb. A very steep chute


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D Gully, or the Devils Thumb is an extremely steep chute in the Ultimate Steeps area of the North face of Mt.


Ascend the Summit Platter and head into the Ultimate Steeps gates.

On the left of C Gully is the entrance to Devils Thumb.

It can be difficult to navigate this entrance in a whiteout, so this is best left for good conditions.

Luckily the sun is usually shinning on the Steeps.

Once you enter this massive, steep chute which is defined by the rock outcrop, The Devils Thumb, there are many small cliffs and features to explore on the way down.

Enjoy the view of the chute.

It's rocky nature is really inspiring.

Meet up with the cat track at the bottom that leads to the Paradise chair that can bring you back to the front side, or continue to explore the back area from Ptarmigan and Larch.