Skier’s right side of Saratoga Bowl


Analysing terrain data








The entire Saratoga Bowl area is convoluted, The vast amount of trees, boulders, and narrow strips of open run makes it hard to discern particular runs.

Big Horn is basically the widest open section of Saratoga to the skier’s right.

The entrance to Saratoga is just below the top of Apres Vous Quad (about a hundred feet below the ski patrol shack) through an opening in the trees on the skier’s left.

Big Horn is accessed from the first major opening in trees just past the brown building.

From this opening head fall line / skier’s right.

Virtually impossible to describe, runs in Saratoga require an intimate knowledge of specific trees or boulders only gained from experience.

The good news is that there are no wrong ways, just follow your nose until you hit the boundary line, then hop on the Saratoga Bowl Traverse (an undulating, single-track traverse heading skier’s right) back to the Apres Vous Lift.