The upper slope of the best green run network in the resort.


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This green run has it all.

A majestic view over the Écrins national park at the top, generally great snow quality and a wide open, near perfect shape and gradient for a green run.

Brilliant whether you're in snowplough or parallel and, given how wide it is, there is normally even enough space to practise carving for more advanced skiers.

Accessed by two button lifts (Clot and Méa), it is best to start with Clot which brings you to the gentler section of the piste.

Once you feel ready for the next challenge, the Méa button lift will take you higher up to the steeper section at the top.

If it looks too much and you feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew, stay to the left side of the piste, thereby avoiding the steepest part at the start.

Join up with the Barres green run below for an extra long ride and the best green run combination in Serre Chevalier.