A short path connecting Villeneuve and Chantemerle.


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This is an ideal way of hopping over from Villeneuve to Chantemerle without having to go to the top of the mountain.

Only a couple of hundred metres long, this run is narrow and gentle, but gets steeper and sometimes bumpy at the end as it connects with the bottom of the Pylones black run and comes into the Serre Ratier area of Chantemerle.

Watch out for skiers coming up the hill on the button lift about halfway along the run, and for other skiers coming from your right as you join up with the Luc Alphand blue run.

Officially this run starts just beyond the base of the Forêt chairlift and if there is no queue, (and therefore the coast is clear) it pays to take a bit of speed to get across the short flat section at the start.