Sugarloaf is a simple and relatively easy hike to the top of one of the Wasatch mountains 11,000 foot peaks.


Analysing terrain data



The exposure grade describes the potential consequences of falling or slipping off the path.

Low Exposure: The path is on completely flat land and potential injury is limited to falling over.

Medium Exposure: The trail contains some obstacles such as outcroppings and rock which could cause injury.

High Exposure: Some trail sections have exposed ledges or steep ascents/descents where falling could cause serious injury.

Extreme Exposure: Some trail sections are extreme exposed where falling will almost certainly result in serious injury or death.


The Sugarloaf trail takes a nice path past the lovely Cecret Lake and up onto Sugarloaf peak in four miles round trip as it climbs 1,600 feet.

The trail is mostly moderate until the steep and loose ruble that leads to the summit.