An intermediate, groomed connector trail that leads to the bases of the Panoramic and Sunnyside lifts


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Edelweiss is a groomed, blue trail to which most of the runs in Parsenn Bowl lead.

It eventually brings you down to the base of Panoramic and Sunnyside Lifts.

This is where you can find all the friends you lost in the trees under Parsenn Bowl.

It’s a little flat in the beginning (where the old Timberline Lift base used to stand), so don't stop here to wait for friends.

It becomes steeper when it meets Bluebell.

The groomers usually miss a long, untracked section on the left side near the end of this run.

Edelweiss is a scarce but well-known, white wildflower that is found at high-altitudes and only blooms for a short while.