A variant of the uppet part of Olímpica.


Analysing terrain data

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On top of Olímpica, you can take this option if you don't want to take the steep part of Olímpica as Lagunillos is wider and less steep.

It is a good option if Olímpica is crowded or if it is sunny as the snow will be softer than Olímpica.

However, if it’s windy, forget it! You will come out flying and can be very unpleasant.

It is a very clear piste and after the steeped part it will take you back to Olímpica. From the top of Olímpica on a clear day you can see the sea and African mountains.

It is very similar to 'W.' Ramp: 335 m Length: 1080 m Surface: 38879