South facing and steep.


Analysing terrain data

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Cascade fools many a intermediate into more than they bargained for as it’s sandwiched between two easy runs (Lupine Way and Gros Ventre) with no indication of it’s challenges.

Cascade begins just below the point where Lupine Way and Grod Ventre separate, and will eventually end up in Dick’s Ditch near Amphitheater.

The run rolls over gently to begin, but before you know it, you will find yourself smack dab in the middle of a very steep slope.

The skier’s right is a maze of cliffs and chutes (This area is known as the Granny Chutes), whereas the skier’s left is more open but not free of obstacles.

This slope faces south, and will undoubtedly have less snow than much of the mountain due to sun exposure.

Because of this, Cascade is often laden with barely covered rocks, requiring one to be light on their feet!