World class skiing named for world class skier.


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Doug Coombs was a visionary skier who began his extreme skiing career at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Though he was banished from the resort at one point for skiing out of bounds, he was honored after his death with the naming of this stellar run.

Coombs is the far skier’s right of the Headwall (accessed by hiking only) and is the longest continuous run in the area.

From the top of the traditional hike (via Tensleep Traverse), scoot around the first rock outcropping and drop in at the first notch you come across.

Follow the gully down until you run into Lupine Way.

It is not advisable to use the “White Spider” hike behind the Gondola to access this run as you will have to traverse far skier’s right to reach the run and will likely miss a good portion of the top.