Great long varied red run. Usually quiet and great snow


Analysing terrain data








Leaving the Hohtälli cable car, head down the windy narrow top section as far as the split with the track back to Gornergrat.

Turn right here onto the open ridge line and enjoy some great skiing! At the end of this there is a right, and left hand turn around the mountain, followed by a short track further to the left.

This then opens out onto a more rolling track, wide enough for some more great turns on the grippy base.

The slope then drops away to the right and rolls down, across cambers and rollers into a compression before a short flat section.

This then opens again onto an open pitch before joining Kelle from the left, onto a short track to the right, and yet another open pitch which eventually funnels into a short track and lands you at the top of the Breitboden chairlift.