Enjoyable easy popular blue run on Gornergrat


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Turning right out of the Gifthittli chair and poling across to the main run, you can see the Zermatt valley below you as you ski down this open ridge.

Follow the main run across the rolliing flat section, and down ontop a wide gentle pitch, which rolls down and eventually turns to the left on a short right-cambered section before dropping away gently to the right again, opening out on the wide run down to Riffelberg.

It is slightly cambered to the left, and sticking to the left handside will be easier.

Watch for joining pistes from the left and the right, before the run ends.

Turn to the left and take the track under the bridge which drops you out at the Riffelberg self service restaurant, and on to the chair.

If you turn to the right at the end of the main run, you go under the bridge and immediately hit the Gifthittli chair.