Cruisy and yet challenging red run far from the madding crowds!


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Half way down the Kumme, after the gully, take the right hand track, wide enough for medium turns which leads you off as far skier's right as you can get on the pistes! The track opens out and drops away, always challenging you as to whether to tuck for the uphill at the end or to use it's great snow for long turns! After the uphill is a great, cambered, varying steepness section, which tempts you into long fast turns on the wide open pitch, before dropping away slightly into a sharp-ish left hand turn onto a track.

At the end of the track is another open pitch to the right, again steepening as it goes, before dropping onto the road at the bottom, leading off to the left.

Although just a track it is very pretty and eventually leads back onto Tuftern run, just above the track to the right back to the Patrullarve chair.