Two short and steep variants of the popular Männlichen piste.


Analysing terrain data

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Although only a recent addition to the piste map, the two Gratbort slopes offer a couple of nice alternatives to the busy Männlichen slope (piste 3).

Both sections drop off on the left hand side of the first traverse of the Männlichen run and offer a steep face that can preserve some of the best snow conditions on the mountain.

The first option can be left ungroomed and some decent sized bumps can form a few days after fresh snowfall, offering some of Wengen's best bumps (of which there are not that many out there..!).

Once the run flattens out you'll rejoin with the blue run (first option) or the red (second option) for a ski back down to the Männlichen chair or all the way down to Grindelwald if the snow is good.