A long, windy but narrow blue that runs right down into the heart of village following the old bobsleigh track.


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Following the former bobsleigh track down from Allmendhubel, this gentle blue is the next step for most beginners who want to move on from the main area on the Allmendhubel.

However, beware that the piste is mostly narrow (thanks to the bobsleighing legacy) and, as it is the return run back into town, it can get busy towards the end of the day with faster skiers passing through and tobogganers enjoying the hairpin turns. Accessed from the Allmendhubel Funicular, turn right out of the main exit and walk for around 50m along a flat path that enters the trees to the west of the station.

From here, follow the winding slope down (firstly through the trees, and lastly on a sunny open slope) to the Sonnenberg Restaurant: The Rosti is highly recommended! Below Sonnenberg you continue to follow the old bobsleigh track as you wind through the trees.

Be on the lookout when crossing the Hindenburg (piste 20) as this is the main route from Schiltgrat and it can get busy and icy in places in the trees.

Continue to wind down through the trees into the village via a series of hairpins, which can get worn towards the end of the day - especially later in the season when the sun is shining. Look out for ski school groups in the morning and then toboggans later on in the day as this route is a highly popular route for families with toboggans.