A steep and challenging return route from Birg to Mürren.


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Despite huge improvements and investment in recent years, the Kanonenrohr is still a challenging route that should not be attempted by beginners or nervous intermediates - take the cable car back down from Birg instead.

Note that in the spring, dangerous avalanche conditions often close the run at lunchtime. The Kanonenrohr has a relatively innocuous beginning from the base of the Kandahar chair as it loops around a big rock face.

It is from here however that the run steepens significantly and is often very firm or icy underfoot.

As you hang right you'll re-enter the sunshine and a big wide open face awaits.

Thanks to a lot of spending in recent years on snowmaking, conditions are more reliable than ever on this steep section, but on a warm and sunny day it still softens quickly into spring snow bumps.

It is possible to skip the steepest section by taking a cat track around the side, but you will still have to complete the bottom half of the steep face.

From here on there is a series of hairpin bends that can get really icy, so be careful not to pick up too much speed on the straight sections.

You eventually pop out on to the Hog's Back, leaving you with the choice to ski down the Palace Run (to Winteregg and Mürren) or the Bob-Run (to Schiltgrat or Mürren).

If conditions allow, once you are clear of the final hairpin, dropping off the side of the run is highly recommended for some powder turns that rarely get tracked out.