Passing through the final gate before the Seapnalm.

Explore the Gorgeous Navis Valley in Summer

Best known for its amazing ski touring terrain, the Navis region is also home to some amazing hiking and biking adventures too!

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Passing through the final gate before the Seapnalm.
Passing through the final gate before the Seapnalm. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Despite lying just 40 minutes or so from the bustling centre of Innsbruck, Navis feels like it's on a different planet to the capital of Tirol. The village itself and the valley it lends its name to are serenely peaceful all year round - a stark and welcome contrast to the streets of Innsbruck, which can be thronged with tourists during the summer.

Innsbruck locals have long known about Navis and the valley is popular with Tirolians, but the difficulty of getting there without a vehicle and the lack of any obvious tourist sights mean that the valley is only visited by those looking to escape the crowds, not join them. There are some large parking areas around Navis but it's incredible how quiet the mountains feel despite the - at times - hundreds of cars parked in the valley floor.

We've described 3 routes here; 2 biking trips and a lovely, long walk between no less than 5 mountain huts. By doing these 3 routes you'll have seen much of the Navis valley and - hopefully - begun to understand just how much the area has to offer. Consider this a starting point rather than a definitive guide!

And if you can only spare a few days to explore Navis in the hot months but have the chance to return in winter, we've got you covered for ski touring too!


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