Mont Blanc to Matterhorn : The Haute Route Glacier Trek

A classic mountain journey from Chamonix to Zermatt over some of the highest and wildest glaciers in the Alps.

Alpine Climbing, Hiking Moderate, Difficult

Also in Haute-Savoie, FranceValais, Switzerland

Leaving the Schönbiel Hut behind, with the north face of the Dent d'Herens behind.
Leaving the Schönbiel Hut behind, with the north face of the Dent d'Herens behind. Photo: Jeff Pang


For experienced hikers looking to get into alpine climbing and glaciated treks, this trip is a logical and attainable goal. Before setting off on it you'll need a good level of hill fitness and a mountain skill set which encompasses all aspects of glacier travel, from how to rope up and perform crevasse rescues, through to micro route finding and making line choices.

The trip takes you - over the course of 8 days - between 2 of the most famous mountain towns in the World; Chamonix and Zermatt. In the course of traveling between those 2 legendary alpine centres you'll stay in some gorgeous Swiss mountain huts and travel through huge mountains. The mountain waiting for you at the end of the journey is the most famous of them all - the Matterhorn - and if you make it to the foot of that most celebrated peak, you'll have earned the view!

As with all glaciated journeys, this one requires thorough planning and the ability to make and change plans as conditions and weather evolve. As such, take this information as a rough guide rather than a set route which has to be followed metre by metre - this trek is a true adventure and should be treated as such!

The trip can be done all summer but it's safer (because the glaciers are covered better) and more enjoyable in June/early July.

N.B. The Chanrion Hut is closed for renovations in summer 2020.

If the trip whets your appetite for high, glaciated traverses and you want to up the ante somewhat, check out our guidebook to Switzerland's most famous high alpine journey - the Spaghetti Tour of the Zermatt 4000ers.


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