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Explore Champoluc with These 3 Easily-Accessible Routes

Get a taste of Champoluc's incredible trails with these 3 easily-accessible routes.

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While Champoluc is renowned as the largest ski resort in the Monte Rosa Region, in the summer, this small offshoot of the Aosta Valley (known as Val d'Ayas) is a much quieter area than it is during the winter. While some mountaineers use Val d’Ayas to access nearby objectives in the Monte Rosa group, the alley isn't nearly as well known for hiking, and definitely flies under the radar for mountain biking compared to the rest of the Aosta Valley.

However, sometimes under-the-radar is exactly what you might be looking for! If you want to escape the crowds found in some of the more popular summer destinations in the Alps, consider a trip to Champoluc. Even though the trails might not be as well-known or well-mapped, you can still find plenty of fantastic singletrack to keep you busy!

The scenery in Champoluc is guaranteed to impress! Steep mountain ridges rise straight up from the valley floor, ending in craggy peaks that scrape the bright blue sky. At the upper end of the valley, the mountains rise up until they're hidden by the ancient, icy mass of the glacier. Getting glimpses of the glacier from the trails as you ride or hike through Val d'Ayas is a true treat!

In this guidebook, you'll find three easily-accessible itineraries to whet your palate and leave you hungry for more. All three of these routes are easily accessible from Champoluc without the assistance of a car or a lift—perfect for a tourist visiting for the first time. And since none of these itineraries require the use of a lift, they're also perfect if you visit Champoluc in the off season, before or after the lifts run. All three itineraries only extend up the first section of the mountainside, topping out near tree line, but if you want to climb high into the alpine, you can easily extend all three for a much bigger adventure!

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