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Ascent to the hut of a "the white tooth" ( Dent Blanche ) from Arolla

Scenic Views & Tasty Meals: Gourmet Alpine Hut Hikes

Hike to cozy huts in the Alps for scenic views and delicious local food!

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Ascent to the hut of a "the white tooth" ( Dent Blanche ) from Arolla
Ascent to the hut of a "the white tooth" ( Dent Blanche ) from Arolla Photo: Patrick Nouhailler


For some, the words “mountain hut” suggest images of dark, rustic spaces without running water or electricity. Throw “alpine” in front of that, and you’ve got an entirely different story: cozy fireplaces, gourmet food and drinks, and luxury aplenty.

There are more than 3,000 huts sprinkled throughout the Alps. They’re a treat for serious mountaineers and families alike looking for a way to rest their weary legs after a day of hiking. Some offer overnight stays while others focus mon simply offering a mid-hike respite.

Some huts are more remote than others. Along the Sun Trail in Italy, for example, you’ll find plenty of huts (“rifugi” in Italian) to stop for refreshments and treats en route. Another Italian route, the Circular Hiking Tour near Bressanone/Brixen, includes many options for pit stops and snacks. Keep your eye out for Trametschhütte, near the bottom of the Plose gondola station, known for serving local specialties. Another gem, Joggle Alm is known for its fresh strudel, musical events, and theatrical stable performances.

Switzerland also boasts a wide range of “hütten” (or “refuges” if you’re in the French-speaking areas). Check out Horli-Hitta on Eggishorn. You can either hike or take the cable car up from Fiesch to admire views and savor delectable specialties like Valais raclette or cheese fondue dishes. In Austria, the Kerschbaumeralm hut is known for two main things: grey cheese and alpine butter.

Each country has its own version of a hut list, whether it’s a national website or series of regional websites. Some websites are more populated than others, though. In Switzerland, for example, check out the Swiss Alpine Club’s site. The Alpenvereinshüttenfinder is another resource with over 1,000 huts in the Eastern Alps owned by both Alpine associations and private owners.

Author: Emily Lennon

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