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Colorado Trail: Kennebec Pass
Colorado Trail: Kennebec Pass
Colorado Trail: Kennebec Pass Photo: Marcel Slootheer


The world of mountain bike trails is a vast and magical place. In no way could one person hope to explore every trail in every nation around the globe—it would take multiple lifetimes to even come close. Yet the impossibility of ever achieving such a lofty goal doesn’t stop us from trying!

Over the past decade of working full time in the mountain bike media industry, employed as everything from a freelance writer to an editor in chief, I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout the USA and, increasingly, abroad. These travels have allowed me to ride over a thousand superb mountain bike trails in numerous countries. Despite spending years wandering to and fro with my bike, there are massive holes in my mountain bike resume—places like New Zealand continue to elude me.

Holes aside, I receive requests via social media on an almost daily basis to share my top trail picks from my travels. In this guidebook, I’ve attempted to answer those requests by collecting the very best mountain bike trail highlights from around the world that I’ve personally pedaled.

This guidebook was assembled on April 3rd, 2019, and last updated on January 19, 2022. The holes mentioned above? I aim to fill them. Regardless of how fluid this list may be, every trail in this guidebook is bucket list-worthy and is worth however much effort you have to invest to get there and ride it.

Go forth and pedal the planet!

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