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Diane High on the Ridge below Avalanche Peak

Conquering the Peaks of Yellowstone National Park

Summit hikes and trail running routes taking you to the highest points of Yellowstone National Park.

Hiking, Trail Running Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Also in Montana, United States of America

Diane High on the Ridge below Avalanche Peak
Diane High on the Ridge below Avalanche Peak Photo: M.E. Sanseverino


If you want scenic vistas, tough climbs, and thin alpine air, then these are the trails for you. Ascend through forests, across rocky ridgelines, and scramble to the top of Yellowstone’s magnificent peaks, spotting mountain goats and bighorn sheep along the way. With more than 40 peaks in Yellowstone soaring over 10,000 feet and at least 70 mountains over 8,000 feet, you could spend years exploring all of the amazing summits in Yellowstone!

The adventures in this guidebook cover all corners of Yellowstone Park, and they vary in elevation level and strenuosity: from Bunsen Peak's stout 1,300-feet to the 2,100-foot rise of Avalanche Peak. The routes are labeled as being either hiking or trail runs, but it's definitely possible to hike and run every route described here

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