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Kaiser Tour

Dachstein Salzkammergut

The Kaiser Tour is a dignified mountain bike tour through the forests of the Salzkammergut and naturally leads from Bad Goisern to the imperial town of Bad Ischl. On forest roads it is always easy to get there until you reach bike technical highlights such as the descent to the Eternal Wall, the Gamsöfen or the Volksbankweg. These trail sections make this tour definitely something for advanced bikers who are technically safe on the bike.

Road Biking Severe

40 km
1.2 km
1.2 km
2-3 hrs
Low Point
462 m
High Point
1 km
Kaiser Tour Map

The highlight of the Kaiser Tour:The picturesque route through the mixed forests and the crisp sections at the Gamsöfen. Behind the name Kaiser Tour one would rather expect a snore-nosed summer resort tour. However, the round offers some funny descents and key points which are also a fixed part of the Salzkammergut Trophy. The Volksbankweg, the descent from the Predigstuhl toboggan run and the Gamsöfen are just a few of the technical highlights. Thus the round requires technical driving skills that go beyond the beginner level. The 1300 meters of altitude contribute to this. There are also places to stop for refreshments along the route where the classics such as Kaiserschmarren and other delicious pastries are offered for sale. Also very relaxing is the return trip up the Traun to Bad Goisern where you can relax after the technical sections. Start is in St. Agatha or at the Goisern Mitte car park. At St. Agatha take the main road in the direction of Leisling or Halleralm. However, first turn into the residential area. Please pay attention to the signs here. It goes briefly on a gravel road along rather we turn on the Volksbankweg. Please note that this is a shared track and also hikers and walkers are on their way. The trail is a bit trail heavy and invites you to have fun as long as your own riding technique allows it. This is then left to their own discretion. Please take full consideration of hikers and walkers. Brake beforehand, especially on curves that cannot be seen. Above all, be friendly, after all we are ambassadors of mountain biking and want to leave a good impression! After the path you go down briefly on the municipal road and then later sharply right up towards Wiesen/Lasern. The next destination is the panorama road up to the Predigstuhl. Up by the preaching chair behind the hotel we go to the old toboggan run. The next funny highlight on the tour. Also here please consider hikers and adapt the speed to your own ability. This way also requires advanced driving technique. Then turn right to the Eternal Wall. Afterwards we take the forest road in the direction of Hoisnrad. Behind the Predigstuhl we drive on and reach the picturesque Reinfalzalm. Continue along the forest road to Löckenmoos and finally to Gamsöfen. With the Gamsöfen our driving technique is again in demand. Please be very careful here, the path is partly exposed and very narrow! This section is also not recommended for beginners. However, the long descent is certainly a highlight of the tour for trail lovers. Finally we arrive in Rettenbach. from there it goes over a road to the centre of Bad Ischl. Over the district Kaltenbach it goes over the Engleithen to Lauffen and from there along the Traun back to Bad Goisern.