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Colli S.Fermo ÷ Entratico

Partenza dai Colli di San Fermo seguendo le creste dei colli fino a Trescore / From Colli S.Fermo , following the ridge of the hills and the trails, to Trescore Balneario

Mountain Biking Moderate

23 km
522 m
1.3 km
1-2 hrs
Low Point
236 m
High Point
1.1 km
Colli S.Fermo ÷ Entratico Map

This is a popular mountain biking route which is generally considered to be moderate. It's not remote, it features low exposure and is typically done all year round. From a low point of 236 m to the maximum altitude of 1.1 km, the route covers 23 km, 522 vertical metres of ascent and 1312 vertical metres of descent.


Mix di salite e discese con tratti Flow e tratti tecnici / A mix of uphill and downhill trails, with technical and flow sections



Mostly stable trail tread with some variability, with unavoidable obstacles 8in/20cm tall or less. Other obstacles such as rock gullies and steep sections may exist. Ideal for lower intermediate riders.

Low Exposure

1 out of 4

The path is on completely flat land and potential injury is limited to falling over.


1 out of 4

Close to help in case of emergency.

Best time to visit

all year round


  • Flow
  • Technical
  • Picturesque
  • Singletrack
  • In the forest
  • Road sections
  • Roots
  • Rock Rolls
  • Rock Slabs
  • Wooden Feature