Söderbacken offpiste

A short, easy-access run but usually with powder

Freeride Skiing Easy

1.4 km
8 m
161 m
Low Point
726 m
High Point
879 m
Söderbacken offpiste Map

Easy to get to and easy to get back to the lifts. Perfect for someone who wants to feel some fresh snow under the skis before taking a longer run, or someone new to the off-piste world. No trees at the beginning but as you move closer to the valley you will ski with trees.
Take Storhognaliften and ski skiers left above the piste and eventually, it will start to slope and there you have the off-piste. If you have never skied here, stay close to the piste, and the more you ski there, the further out you can go further from the lift. It's a safety measurement so you don't get lost. Don't start too wide as you might have some trouble getting back. The line does not show exactly where to ski but the entire area next to the piste is good for powder skiing, so go where you think suits you the best but be careful not to go too far away as you might not have enough speed to reach the neighborhood area.



Wide gentle slopes at around 20 degrees or less.

Low Exposure (E1)

1 out of 4

Exposure is limited to that of the slope itself. Getting hurt is still likely if the slope is steep and/or the snow is hard.


1 out of 4

Close to help in case of emergency.

Best time to visit

between January and March


  • Trees