Box-O-Rox Trail

A staple singletrack ride in the area, featuring an exciting rock garden near the bottom.

Mountain Biking Difficult

6.4 km
231 m
231 m
0-1 hrs
Low Point
1.8 km
High Point
2.1 km
Box-O-Rox Trail Map

Green Mountain is a local favorite trail network in Lakewood, and Box O Rox is one of its signature rides. It can be ridden in either direction but is best as a downhill. It’s very popular and can get crowded, so use caution and be courteous to other riders. The loop mapped here climbs on the service road and connects via Summit Loop. You can ride all of Summit Loop to make the circuit a bit longer and get views off the other side of the mountain.


Box O Rox starts out fairly flowy on hardpack and gets rockier as it descends, with a sandy section here and there. For the most part, it’s straightforward riding, just fast and fun, but there’s a smattering of technical features near the bottom. First, you’ll duck beneath a couple of overhanging boulders, then after a bouncy section, come to another boulder garden. One turn banks off a rock wall, followed immediately by rock stairs. Another set of stairs shortly after finishes off the ride. There are alternate lines at these features, to either bypass them or to make them even more exciting.




Mostly stable trail tread with some variability featuring larger and more unavoidable obstacles that may include, but not be limited to: bigger stones, roots, steps, and narrow curves. Compared to lower intermediate, technical difficulty is more advanced and grades of slopes are steeper. Ideal for upper intermediate riders.

Medium Exposure

2 out of 4

The trail contains some obstacles such as outcroppings and rock which could cause injury.


1 out of 4

Close to help in case of emergency.

Best time to visit

between April and December


  • Flow
  • Technical
  • Picturesque
  • Singletrack
  • Tabletops
  • Rock Rolls
  • Rock Gardens

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