Rogue River -> Ti'lomikh Falls

A delightful mostly-greenway route.

Road Biking Easy

34 km
192 m
192 m
1-2 hrs
Low Point
294 m
High Point
332 m
Rogue River -> Ti'lomikh Falls Map

The Rogue River Greenway is a beautiful paved trail offering delightful traffic-free cycling through the bottom of the Rogue River Valley. The almost 8-mile trail runs from the town of Rogue River through the Valley of the Rogue State Park and then further east along a small two-lane highway.


The section of the greenway to the west of the state park runs close to the river banks providing beautiful views of the river and the surrounding mountains. The beginning and end of the out-and-back route as mapped crosses a beautiful bridge with massive cables, affording the opportunity for views up and down the river. While the views along this section are stunning, you'll still have to contend with traffic noise from the nearby interstate highway.

East of the state park, the greenway swings away from the river for a bit as it circles a field, and then it follows a smaller two-lane highway. Despite being closer to this two-lane highway than it was to the interstate, the light traffic makes for a much quieter and more enjoyable ride, with beautiful views of vineyards climbing the nearby mountainsides.

While you can choose to turn around at the end of this section of greenway, pedaling a short distance along the highway will bring you to the town of Gold Hill. Once in the outskirts of Gold Hill, the road widens to provide a great bike lane to pedal down.

As you reach the four-way stop in downtown, take a left across the train tracks and then a right onto another paved greenway trail. This stretch of greenway follows the tracks for a short distance, then veers off to rejoin the banks of the river.

Near the terminus of the trail, the greenway runs through a beautiful park with optional gravel paths off the paved trail. Near the very end of the greenway, you can drop down to the river and enjoy views of the rushing water. Here, the Rogue River flows over some small cascades, forming Ti'lomikh Falls.

While Ti'lomikh Falls isn't much to write home about, this beautiful spot along the river makes for a worthy destination. Enjoy a snack and a drink of water, and then return to Rogue River the same way.




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