Italy's Finest Bike Ride - The Clockwise Sella Ronda

A combination of quick lifts, epic trail riding and some of the best scenery in Europe make this a truly exceptional bike trip.

Charlie Boscoe


Ready to roll, with the Marmolada behind.

by Jorj Ives

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About to embark on the descent

by Dave George

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The cool ramp where Animal House branches off

by Dave George

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About the begin the descent proper

by Al Schulkins

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On the traverse/climb to the top of the Gran Paradiso chairlift

by Umomos/Shutterstock

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Looking across to the Marmolada from this route

by Julia Kuznetsova/Shutterstock

Looking across the first section of the route

by Dave George

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Giving the wrists a break on the long ride down to Canazei

by Jorj Ives

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With a highly favourable effort:reward ratio, varied and continually interesting trails, and some of the best mountain vistas in the world, there's very little to dislike about this ride! The fact that it's dotted with gorgeous mountain huts serving simple-done-well Italian food is a huge added bonus!

The Sella Ronda has long been a popular piste skiing adventure in winter, but the local tourist boards have invested some serious resources into making the circuit a biking route too. The infrastructure of villages, lifts and huts was already in place, but the last few years have seen an ever more impressive network of trails being added bit by bit. Nowadays you could base yourself in any of the villages on this route (Corvara, Arabba, Wolkenstein and Canazei) and spend one day riding local trails and another doing the Sella Ronda. If you're keen to add another day to your trip, then doing the anti-clockwise Sella Ronda is highly recommended for those who don't mind pedalling a bit. Check out the route here -'s-dream!

Despite being the "easier" direction on the Sella Ronda, don't underestimate this clockwise circuit - it's still physically demanding simply because you cover over 60km, most of it on bumpy and technical trails. Even if your lungs don't get worked too hard, your wrists, elbows and shoulders definitely will; when you make it back to your startpoint you'll certainly feel like you've earned your pizza!



Breathtaking scenery and a bumpy trail make this a great mini adventure

Infinity trail

An exceptional and tough descent down to a bustling town

Bec de Roces

One of the finest descents on the entire Sella Ronda!

Flé Trail

One of the longer climbs on the clockwise Sella Ronda followed by a fun descent.


A long, varied and beautiful descent through a famous valley