The Best Hikes Within One Hour of Melbourne

You don't have to drive far from the centre of Melbourne to discover some awe inspiring hikes.



Granit Tors at Hanging Rock ShutterstockCreative Commons: Attribution
Stevenson Falls.jpg
Stevenson Falls ShutterstockCreative Commons: Attribution


From massive waterfalls to thick gum forests, the National Parks around Melbourne offer walkers and hikers the opportunity to get away from it all. Boasting an abundance of national parks - all unique in what they have to offer - hikers can head in any direction they choose in the way of adventure.

We've highlighted some of the better known hikes in this guidebook, but rest assured: they can all be start points for different (and often bigger) adventures for those looking for something more.


Werribee Gorge Circuit Walk

A short drive from Melbourne, this hidden gem is home to an abundance of native wildlife and offers spectacular views from almost every vantage point.