Whistler to Canmore - Ski Tour Canada's Highway 1

A ski tourer's dream roadtrip between 2 legendary Canadian mountain towns.

Charlie Boscoe


Dropping into the main section of the Face

by Tam McTavish

Licence Free

On the bottom third of the Couloir

by Tam McTavish

Camp West.jpg
Mt McGill & Camp West Slide Path

Topping out on McGill Shoulder at treeline near the entrance to Camp West.

Tupper Traverse.jpg

Sifton 7.jpg
Summit of Little Sifton

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Sifton 11.jpg
Open Alpine above Grizzly Knob

Sifton 2.jpg
Ascending the Summit Slopes. Mt Sifton in the background

Sifton 9.jpg
Ascending Grizzly Shoulder towards the Little Sifton Col

Sifton 3.jpg
Approaching the Little Sifton Col

Sifton 8.jpg
The Rockwall at Grizzly Knob

Sifton 1.jpg
Descending through the Grizzly Slide Path near the highway.



The Canadian Rockies have everything ski tourers look for - reliable and cold snow, huge terrain and easy access. All of these ski tours demonstrate those traits and each one can be done as a single day trip from a major road.

The route you'll drive to ski all of these doesn't follow Highway 1 all the way, but for much of the trip you will be on Canada's most famous road and it makes logistics pretty easy because you're never too far from accommodation and services. Despite this proximity to civilisation, the ski tours listed here all feel truly wild and encapsulate what Canadian ski touring is all about.

If you're lucky enough to have time not only to ski these lines but also to explore the Rockies further, check out these 2 hut to hut tours in the Yoho National Park.




Camp West

A Rogers Pass Classic! A 1250m descent down a big mountain slide path.

The Tupper Traverse

A mini-ski traverse including high alpine bowls, glaciers & a massive run down the Connaught avalanche slide path.