All the Way Around Vienna on the Rundumadum

Discover hidden treasures of the city in this 120-kilometer circuit around Vienna, divided into 24 manageable stages.

Jesse Weber


Vineyard rows overlooking Vienna

by Ika Darnhofer

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Vienna is known as a verdant city, and any pedestrian on its streets can see why. Garden parks punctuate the city blocks, while rolling hills of vineyards and forest define the horizon. Encircling the perimeter of Vienna is the Rundumadum, a trail which explores many of these green landscapes as well as the cityscapes and cultural delights in between.

Rundumadum, which means “all the way around,” is a circuit tour at the city outskirts, covering everything from the Vienna Woods to the wine country, to urban open spaces, and to Donau-Auen National Park. Most people do the stages of the Rundumadum as day trips, and perhaps complete them all over time, but you can certainly make a multi-day journey by linking several stages and staying at inns along the way. Whether traveling or residing in Vienna, you will undoubtedly find new destinations in the city by hiking the Rundumadum, in any order and direction of its 24 stages that you wish.


Rundumadum: Stage 1

A highlight section of Vienna's "All-Around" hiking trail, climbing from the shore of the Danube to a panorama atop Leopoldsberg.

Rundumadum: Stages 2 and 3

These stages climb over tall hills in the Vienna Woods, including Hermannskogel–the tallest in all of Vienna.

Rundumadum: Stages 4 and 5

Stage 4 explores more hills in the Wienerwald, one with a lookout tower and another with an equestrian center, then Stage 5 goes through two very green recreation areas at the edge of the city.

Rundumadum: Stage 6 - Route 1

Explore the wildlife sanctuary of Lainzer, and see the palace that endures from its time as an imperial hunting ground.

Rundumadum: Stages 10, 11, and 12

A walk through the varied environments of Favoriten and Simmering districts, which include forest parks, urban farms, the Central Cemetery, and eventually the Danube.

Rundumadum: Stage 13

A wide variety of experiences in only a short distance walking, from one side of the Danube to the other.

Rundumadum: Stages 14, 15, and 16

Hike through Donau-Auen National Park, experiencing Vienna’s native flora and fauna as well as wild swimming spots in the river and forest ponds.

Rundumadum: Stages 17 and 18

Leaving the national park, the route returns to a suburban environment, but with doses of nature in public parks and farm fields.

Rundumadum: Stages 21 and 22

Here the Rundumadum is for wine lovers–passing between green rows of vineyards and meeting the doorstep of many traditional taverns.