Journeyman Lodge Madness

Over the last few year, Journeymen Lodge has been a very popular destination for the Blank crew. From rowdy pillow lines to deep pow in open trees, it's been an absolute goldmine for film skiing.

Alexi Godbout


Alexi Godbout Blank Collective Films

by Jeff Thomas

Alexi Godbout Blank Collective Films

by Jeff Thomas

Alexi Godbout Blank Collective Films

by Jeff Thomas

Jordy Kidner Blank Collective Films

by Jeff Thomas

Alex Armstrong Blank Collective Films

by Jeff Thomas


These routes have been perfected over the course of the last years. The journeyman lodge offers multiple routes that are easily accessible just a few footsteps away from the front door.


Journeyman pow laps

Super good mellow pow and easy ascending routes. This is the main route for the Journeyman Lodge. Trend right outside the lodge on the main cat Road. Always trend left. When you get to the main skin track, go up from there and you’ll see plenty of good tree runs the ski on the way up. Have fun

Journeyman - Far pillows and sub alpine

Good variety of lines and pow. From the lodge you can follow the main cat track cat track. Always keep a left to stay closer to the left side of the valley. Once you get to the flats toward the end pf the valley, keep going until you get into the trees where you’ll start seeing the pillows.

Journeyman pillows

This route is close to the lodge and has very good and fun pillows. From the lodge go to the left down the little hill. There’s usually a skin track. Follow it until you get to the river. There’s usually a snow bridge to cross somewhere. Go far left of the main avalanche path and keep going up.