Innsbruck's Top 10 Half-Day Hikes

Make the most of Innsbruck's excellent public transport and proximity to mountains on these wonderful mini-adventures.

Charlie Boscoe


Looking up at the railway bridge at the head of the Schlossbachklamm

by Charlie Boscoe

Creative Commons: Attribution
Arzler Alm looking wonderful in autumn light.

by Charlie Boscoe

Creative Commons: Attribution
The fields just before Rechenhof as viewed from the south

by Charlie Boscoe

Creative Commons: Attribution
Enjoying the hike in late autumn

by Charlie Boscoe

Creative Commons: Attribution
A bit of company for the final descent into Mühlau village.

by Charlie Boscoe

The little red house you pass on the way down to the road.

by Charlie Boscoe

The view across Innsbruck city.

by Charlie Boscoe

The one man chairlift that accesses the route

by Charlie Boscoe

Typical terrain on the hike

by Charlie Boscoe

Moody views from the summit

by Charlie Boscoe

The summit cross watching bad weather approach

by Charlie Boscoe

Fabulous views across to the Kalkogel Peaks from close to the summit of the Sonntagsköpfl


Being a major city with huge mountains on the doorstep, Innsbruck provides that most unusual combination of culture and easily accessible outdoor adventures. In the city itself there is everything you'd expect from a cultural hub - bars, restaurants and museums as well as thriving art and music scenes. In the mountains that ring the city there are adventures of all types and sizes, from easy, short hikes through to steep and scary ski descents.

This guidebooks is focused firmly on the former category and contains 10 beautiful and straightforward hikes. Some of these hikes - such as the Zirbenweg - are only short hikes but the logistics of doing them means that they essentially take up a full day, which is no chore because getting to and from them will take you to some charming Tirolian villages. All of the hikes contained in here can be easily reached using the efficient, cheap and reliable Innsbruck public transport network.

If you've done these hikes and decide that you'd like a little more of a challenge, check out our guidebook to some of the Tirol's finest long hikes -,11.2927155,152272.1675822,-90,0,2081.0109774,normal



A lovely - but at times steep - trip through a deep, high gorge.

Arzler Alm

Possibly the most popular hike in Innsbruck and for good reason - this is a lovely little trip.

Rum to Arzl

A gorgeous walk between 2 easily-accessed villages.

The Legendary Zirbenweg

A stunning traverse high above the Inn valley, this is one of the most famous hikes in the Tirol.

Hoher Burgstall

A beautiful summit which is famous for being the first ever Alpine peak climbed by Sir Edmumd Hillary!